Bucket list

Emma Dodd's bucket list travels

1. Visit South Georgia Island
2. See the Northern Lights
3. Do an epic overland journey
4. Learn to scuba dive
5. Take my nieces and nephews abroad (possibly not all at the same time!)
6. Visit the Galapagos
7. See the Palace of the Winds
8. Take the Orient Express
9. Visit Tibet
10. Go to the Tomatina festival
     Achieved at the 70th anniversary of the event in 2015. Top tips for surviving La Tomatina
11. Visit Cornwall
12. Go to Glastonbury
      Pops and I went to Glastonbury 2016. See what we ate
13. See tigers in the wild
14. Stay in a yurt
15. Take a hot air balloon ride
16. Visit the Grand Mosque in Mopti
17. Float in the Dead Sea
      Achieved in May 2016 in Jordan and it was weird!
18. Be a crew member aboard a tall ship
19. Spend New Year in Sydney
20. Stay at The Alchymist Hotel in Prague
      Plans afoot for my 30th
21. Go to Oktoberfest
22. Visit a Christmas market in Germany
      Flights booked to Berlin for December, but had to cancel due to ill health. Maybe next year?
23. Swim at the Great Barrier Reef
24. Cook stuffed courgette flowers
      Achieved June 2014 in Tuscany
25. Go to the Bolivian Salt Flats
26. Visit Burma while it's relatively unspoilt
27. Stay in a parador
28. Have a romantic holiday in Venice with the love of my life
29. Go on a truly spontaneous adventure
30. Meet Michael Palin
      Achieved September 2014
31. Swim at Piscine Molitor in Paris
32. Be in the crowd at the Rio Carnival
33. Spend a night in an ice hotel
34. Hike in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park
35. Drink a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel
36. Experience Holi in India
37. Be in Thailand for Songkran

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